Kalagadi Manganese

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A day in the life of a Kalagadi miner

I, Monna Letlapa work at Kalagadi Manganese as a rock blaster?? I started my job in October 2017. I stay in the mine residence where I share the complex with XX men and XX women. We regularly meet at the canteen as we get provided with meals 3 times a day.

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Kalagadi proudly enjoys years of safety

Kalagadi Manganese mine is constituted out of three contiguous farms, namely, Umtu 281, Olive Pan 282 and Gama 283, making a total area of approximately 6 300 ha. The mine is an underground mechanised trackless board and pillar mine.
The 9th of March 2019 marked a one year milestone for our first manganese ore blast in our underground mine. This was achieved two (2) months earlier than scheduled. The cornerstone of our operations is safety and zero harm. Since the start of the project in 2010, we proudly recorded zero fatalities over nine (9) fatality free years, giving us 20 730 436 fatality free man hours and 2 591 304 fatality free shifts, a remarkable achievement for our operations......

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It’s all systems go at KALAGADI MANGANESE

With the sinking of the twin shaft systems (Main and Ventilation shaft) completed in 2009, underground developments immediately commenced. This was followed by the construction and equipping of underground infrastructure. All this signified the existence and entry of a serious manganese mining contender into the playing field, Kalagadi Manganese. The start of the civil construction of the Ore Preparation Plant in October 2012 was another step in the actualization of our strategic intent in beneficiating the manganese ore. It was then followed by the construction of the Sinter plant which was completed in December 2016.........

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